October 8, 2020

Marty Kilmer Joins Starlight Team as COO

Starlight Software Solutions welcomes Marty Kilmer as Starlight Software Solution’s new Chief Operating Officer.
Marty Kilmer new COO of Starlight Software Solution.

Starlight Software Solutions welcomes Marty Kilmer as Starlight Software Solution’s new Chief Operating Officer. We are delighted to have Marty join the team and are excited to see where his unique skill set will take us. We sat down with Marty to get a deeper look into his experience and why he thinks Starlight is unique.

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Can you give us an introduction on who you are and an overview of your expertise?  

I am a Colorado native. I’ve spent 30 years in information management, building software systems to help customers navigate complex data sets and be more efficient in their business processes. While most of the work I have done has been in the legal information industry, the customer problems included in translating service-related issues into software systems is transferable. I have worked in both large institutional organizations as well as startups with a focus on business transformations and growth, both organically and through M&A.

Why were you drawn to Starlight?

Starlight is in a unique position in its corporate history, aggressively pursuing a revamp of its legacy systems while adding new products and services. That is a significant task, and I was drawn to the challenge as well as to the significant opportunities, not only to support our current customers, but also to expand the tools we provide them while expanding the core software into other areas.

After being with the Starlight team for a few months now, what is something that has surprised you?

My team and I joke that it seems longer, but I have only been here two months. I am still learning. I am pleasantly surprised by how much underlying technology exists within the current system, its breadth, and how much thinking has gone into it. Starlight is truly focused and centered on solving customer problems in the near term and future. There is a big vision. Now it is about execution.

What do you like about the culture at Starlight?

Starlight has a unique balance between managing its current offerings, and supporting them domestically, while partnering with a technology company in Ukraine on new development efforts. This approach allows us to expand our resources and utilize a broader spectrum of experienced technology professionals. That adds complexity to the culture but also provides a wealth of experience, learning and growth for the Starlight team.

What is something you find unique about Starlight?

While it happens in business, it isn’t very often that a company builds software to support its core business and improve processes, and then transitions that software into a separate business to help other companies in the same industry. It allows us to know we are solving customer problems (a key element of new software), but also means that we must be especially in tune with our broader customer base as one size doesn’t fit all in how companies run their businesses.

Where do you see Starlight going in the next couple of years?

Starlight will continue to improve its software offerings and generate value through improved processing power, analytics, and reporting. We will also expand the platform functionality to other related industries and geographies. The emergence of new technologies with vehicles, improved geographical tracking, and machine learning will allow us to make significant strides in helping our customers maximize revenues and profits. It is an exciting time in a space with lots of opportunity.Starlight Software Solutions is an integrated ERP suite of mobile, cloud and local applications that work together in real-time to streamline operations and drive efficiency and revenue creation.  Designed for the transportation, waste, and environmental industries, Starlight’s live dispatch, real-time inventory control, and comprehensive network of intelligent endpoints are all tightly coupled with its custom billing system.  Starlight’s unique design includes competitive customer engagement and creates full, live transparency to resources and operations so that you can always make smarter decisions while managing your business from anywhere.To learn more about Starlight visit our website.



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