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Before selecting a software partner, you need to ask all the right questions to know who is the right fit for you.

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new functionalities Specific for Roll-Off Operators

100% fully cloud-based software provides infinite storage and automated systems for optimized efficiency.

User Influenced Software Solutions  

Read how a leading recycler helped design our best-in-class features for roll-offs.

Designed by Haulers, Built by Software Experts, Proven by Clients

Starlight collaborates with waste and recycling business owners and operators on every product and feature we design. As a result, we solve real problems with easy-to-use solions that can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems and operations routines. Our solutions are specific to industry sectors, making them highly relevant and functional. All our products are scalable in order to drive dramatic growth, improved efficiencies, and higher profits for haulers in all sectors, of all sizes.

Like our clients say, “Starlight Changes Everything.”

Live Monitoring of Productivity Metrics

Serving as the hub of the wheel for your key business metrics, Starlight produces live, actionable information you can monitor and update, instantly, to improve efficiencies, avoid losses, and capture opportunities. Because our solutions are specific to your business lines – Roll-off, Commercial, Residential, and Portable Toilet – you can more easily manage and document key information to see precisely how each business line, unit, truck, driver, route and even customer are performing.

Customized or standard reports on key metrics.  Use our templates or design your own.

Easy data access and documentation with drag and drop functionality.

Dynamically adjust data variables, from any device, to update reports in order to make informed decisions, on the road, or in the office.

Automated Billing Process for Simplified Cash Flow

You can set custom prices for customers, customer groups, job sites, and so on, and update them instantly as needed. Our system allows you to automatically manage margins across a mix of geographies, services, disposal costs, materials and customers. You can also automatically apply tax fees based on district of services rendered, and integrate Quick Books into our system for one single view of customer fees, billing and payments. Other key billing features include:

Group and service area pricing automation

Ability to sort by pricing group 

 Receipt management for paper and credit card transactions

Exceptional Customer Experiences

With our exclusive Contractor App, your customers can sign into their portals, access their unique pricing, make instant online orders or payments, or live run reports. This unique ability gives customers the same ability to view their key metrics in real time, making important adjustments to keep their projects on time and on budget. When this happens your customer satisfaction and long-term value go nowhere but up!

You can also monitor the efficiency of each customer account and job, and provide guidance on how they can improve their efficiencies as well.  With the insights you can access instantly about all your customers across all business lines, you can truly operate as a partner, not just a waste hauler, adding value for years.

Foundation for Growth

Starlight scales for growth like no other product. Starlight is a Business Process Management system with all the flexibility, configurability, and storage you require. Because Starlight runs in the cloud via AWS, you will never run out of computing resources, you can't outgrow the environment, you won't suffer from degraded performance or even have to worry about any traditional IT infrastructure.

Designed by Haulers
and Users at Every Level

Starlight began as a solution designed to help our founder improve dispatch management, driver, route and inventory efficiencies for his own roll-off company. We continue to partner with users and industry experts to develop precisely what is needed most.  Everything Starlight designs and builds is done in collaboration with our Advisory Council to imagine and build the right solutions for scaling growth.

Customers See a Dramatic
Increase in Revenue

With Starlight you can maximize efficiency and profits like you never have before. Dominate your market with superior customer service.

A ROI graph showing the amount of money you can gain using Starlight

Measured results from a Starlight subscriber

Trusted by Companies Large and Small

We’re Waste
Industry Experts

Starlight is a dedicated team made up of people who owned and operated trash businesses, ranging from roll-off, commercial collections, residential collections, and portable toilet companies. We have an acute knowledge of what you experience on a day-to-day basis because we've been there.

Bill Bradley

Bill Bradley founded 5280 Waste Solutions, in Denver CO in 2012. Today it is the largest independent roll-off company in the Rocky Mountain West, running 42 trucks and fielding more than 2,000 containers. Building this company firsthand gave Bill front line, on the ground insight to what haulers, recyclers and business owners need to build and scale profitable successful businesses. The key is software that provides visibility to live information as the basis for meaningful analysis, combined with real-time functional controls that make an impact on efficiency and profitability.

Dan Dillon

Dan Dillon began his waste and recycling career in 2002 in sales for Waste Management. He served as an Outside Sales Representative in their New Jersey Market Area for almost 2 years. Next, Dan joined Waste Haulers as the Vice President of Sales in 2009. In 2011 Dan moved to the software side of the business with PC Scale. During that time he also owned and operated a portable toilet company in Connecticut. Now, Dan is the VP of Business Development with Starlight. 

Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson has worked in recycling and municipal services for over 10 years. She currently works on market solutions to advance recycling in both the private and public sector. Prior to Starlight, Laurie served as the Executive Director for Recycle Colorado, and the VP of Client Services for Recyclebank helping businesses and municipalities increase their recycling rates.

Adam Clindaniel

Adam Clindaniel is a part of our Business Development team here at Starlight Software Solutions. Adam started his own refuse and recycling hauling business from the ground up in 2016. Adam's responsibilities included municipal bids and bonding, residential and commercial billing, purchasing carts and containers, equipment maintenance as well as providing an excellent service. Adam brought his brother on board in 2017 and they ran two front load garbage trucks with Curotto Cans for residential and commercial services. After selling his company, Adam then came on board with Starlight Software Solutions. 

Headshot of Bill Bradley
Bill Bradley
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Chad Pryor
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Laurie Johnson
Headshot of Adam Clindaniel
Adam Clindaniel

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