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As you look for a solution you can grow with for years to come, look for these capabilities.

Corporate Development Executive Joins Starlight Software Solutions

Luke will oversee customer satisfaction with Starlight's waste management software and its real-time analytics, instant reports and live dispatch.

Come see us at the CDRA!

Come see us at CDRA, March 13 - 15, Booth #127 during Expo Hall hours to learn more about our Roll-Off Specific Software Solutions.

Are You Using the Right Software? 8 Questions to Ask to Assure You Are Optimizing ROI.

Here are 8 Questions to ask yourself before moving forward with a software supplier to assure you get in and stay in the fast lane for profitability.

Starlight Software Solutions Welcomes New CTO for Next Generation Launch

Mike’s addition to the team comes at the threshold of Starlight’s next-generation product release for the waste and recycling industry.

Employee Spotlight: Nik Gannett

Nik is head of our support team here at Starlight Software Solutions where he is the go-to guy for all of our current customers.

Ampliroll Hooklifts and Starlight Help Power the Roll-off Industry

At Starlight, we are all about building partnerships with our customers and other experts in the industry.

Starlight's All-In-One Recycling Facility Software

With Starlight, you can track, profile, invoice and report in real time as materials flow through your facility.

Starlight Ensures Driver Efficiency and Safety

Every piece of Starlight connects seamlessly, from the desktop dispatch system to the app on your driver’s smartphone.

Starlight Software: Paperless Operations

Starlight is an integrated ERP suite of mobile, cloud and local applications that work together in real-time to streamline operations.

Starlight Benefits Haulers of All Sizes

Starlight gives haulers the ability to make the most out of their fleet without adding trucks or containers.

Three Ways SalesPoint Helps Your Business Grow

SalesPoint is a retail web application for roll-off businesses which allows anyone to rent a dumpster at any time through an easy to navigate transact

Marty Kilmer Joins Starlight Team as COO

Starlight Software Solutions welcomes Marty Kilmer as Starlight Software Solution’s new Chief Operating Officer.

Starlight Meets With Ukraine Development Team

Members of the Starlight team headed to Europe over the past month to meet with our Ukraine-based development team (ELEKS).

Dispatch: How Starlight Can Create Efficiencies

Dispatch efficiency improves overall processes, which will make a noticeable difference for your team's productivity and your overall profits.

What Makes Starlight Unique?

Our recycling and roll-off dumpster software is designed to make your operations more effective and efficient on every level.

What's New With Starlight?

New app updates from Starlight for July of 2020

Wingmate & Starlight Partner for Success

Starlight partnered Wingmate, the perfect addition to Starlight's integrated suite of mobile and enterprise applications.

Starlight's Team Understands Your Problems Because We've Been There

‍Adam Clindaniel on Starlight's Business Development team knows the roll-off industry because he had his own roll-off company.

Whip Around Makes Starlight More Valuable to Customers

Starlight wants to make their customers lives easier, help them grow their business, and allow them to receive accurate information at their fingertip

Starlight Introduces Self-Service Dumpster Rentals

The Starlight Salespoint application acts as an extension of your current website to provide easy access to customers in a few simple clicks.

Press Release: Starlight SalesPoint

Starlight SalesPoint will offer a 24/7 web retail application for new and existing customers to order a dumpster online at anytime.

5280 Waste Solutions Adapting to COVID-19

For the drivers at our sister company 5280 Waste Solutions, taking every precaution is their way of staying on the road to keep hauling waste.

Another great visit to L’viv, Ukraine

Our January 2020 visit was focused on brand new features, new to the industry, that will accelerate the Starlight Revolution.

Press Release: Starlight and Whip Around

Starlight Software Solutions, LLC, and Whip Around, the #1 rated fleet inspection and maintenance announce today that the companies will partner.

Press Release: Starlight and Wingmate

Starlight Software Solutions and Wingmate, the #1-rated front line lead gen program announce today that the companies will work in partnership.

Wreaths Across America

Every year, Bill Bradley, owner of 5280 Waste and Starlight software in Denver, Colorado supports Wreaths Across America.

Bad Software Costing You Money?

When I bought my roll-off company in 2012, the first thing I did was look for good software.

Exceed Expectations

Good roll-off companies do more than pick up the phone when customers call – they do everything they can to make their service stand out to customers.

Tipping Fees Going Up and Up and Up - How do you deal with it?

My Answer: (A) Changing the game (don’t just compete on price.) (B) Auditing the landfill invoices (many, many “errors.”)

Roll-Off Best Practices- An Introduction

Own a roll-off business? Roll-off has traditionally been considered the back water of the waste industry. But I completely disagree.

Waste360 Interviews Starlight Founder, Bill Bradley to Discuss Roll-Off Software

5280 Waste Solutions, a Denver-based roll-off company, is changing the game with its Starlight Software Solutions.

Getting The Most From What You Have

We roll-off guys work in a capital-intensive business. Trucks and containers represent a significant amount of hard to come by capital.

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