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Starlight’s Facility Management system measures, profiles, tracks, and reports on material flows in real time. Starlight is the only facility and scale system producing live material profiling and reporting for each individual load and from each individual point of origin. This is made possible by the seamless integration between Starlight’s hauling software and facility management products.

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Use Starlight to track, profile, invoice and report in real time and in sync as materials flow through your facility. Features include:

Inbound and outbound materials tracking and invoicing
Unattended/driver assisted weight capture
Multi-scale and multi-facility reporting
Point of origin and/or facility location taxation
Detailed and customizable reporting by customer, point of origin, hauler, job site, material type, destination
Complete billing system; customer and vehicle management, invoicing, payments, and more
live material profiling and reporting

Easily Manage Your REcycling Facility

Key functionality proven to improve efficiencies includes:

Real-time detailed material summaries with images, weights, volumes, and special exceptions.
Pricing customization for individual customers, customer groups, materials, nonconforming waste, added services, and more.
Automatically generate detailed line-item invoices with pre-set tax fees by districts.
A cloud-based system that runs in real-time, resulting in calculations, reports and summaries viewed and delivered to customers.
Cloud-based reporting

Streamline productivity with Spotter Tablet App

Another distinction we offer is a spotter tablet that eliminates the need to radio in miscellaneous items in a given load. Users simply take photos of the load, breakdown the material, which is reported in the application, and record extra fees. This simplifies reporting for LEED and municipal diversion reporting compliance and other requirements. Reports can be easily run and sorted and scheduled.


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