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“To come to us for feedback is huge. They sit down with you, they basically say how do you run your business, what will work for you, what doesn’t work for you in your current system, and how can we make it better?”

Abel Cota
Troiano Waste

An arial shot of L&J Waste business operations

“There hasn’t been an issue that I’ve brought to their awareness that they weren’t able to solve and cater it to exactly what I need.”

Lenzie Johnson I
L&J Waste

A Burgmeier Hauling truck

“Starlight’s doing it the right way here by including their customers from the start to get their feedback. I think that was the biggest thing for us is that we were part of the process.”

Andy Gray
Burgmeier’s Hauling

A customer uses Starlight on his cell phone

28% Increased Revenue in a Pandemic Year

Using the same trucks and the same drivers, MCM Disposal drove operational efficiency up in double digits by implementing Starlight. Michigan was largely closed down in the spring of 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with MCM Disposal’s roll-off operation at half its normal levels for March and April 2020, their annual revenue grew by 28% year over year as a result of implementing Starlight Software.

Creating a Foundation for Growth

Tim and Jack started TJ Services in January of 2018 by purchasing one truck and several cans. As novices in the industry, they learned quickly that using the right tools to build a proper foundation for efficiency would be the key to rapid and sustainable growth. Over just the past year, TJ Services has grown by nearly 400%.

TJ Services uses Starlight Software on their mobile phone
U Load It hauling truck poses for a photo

Streamlining Operations

Brock Hill at Premier Recycle in San Jose, CA, hauls and sorts waste material from customers all across the San Francisco Bay Area.  Premier needed to characterize materials, automate tracking and reporting on material sources and destinations, and correctly and automatically attribute appropriate taxes and fees. Brock needed this for his own customers, for third-party haulers coming to his facility, and for state and local jurisdictional reports. Starlight provided that full, end-to-end automated solution.

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Case Studies

Starlight Software is backed by a growing community

Premier Recycle Tracks Green Building Standards With Starlight

Starlight's automated system allows the material recovery facility to track and report on material sources and destinations.

Streamlining Operations with Starlight

Waste Advantage magazine sat down with Aaron Stienstra of U-Load-It of Kansas City to discuss the beneficial use of Starlight software at his company.

TJ Services Uses Starlight to Set a Foundation for Growth

Starlight gives us the ability to provide the service to our customers that they demand and that we demand.

MCM Reaps Benefits of Starlight Regardless of COVID-19

Even with MCM Disposal’s roll-off operation at half its normal levels for March and April, their yearly revenue grew by 28% as a result of Starlight.

MCM Disposal Sees 28% Revenue Growth As A Result of Implementing Starlight

Using the same drivers and trucks, MCM Disposal created operational efficiency.

BeeGreen Recycling Bin Services Coming Soon

BeeGreen Recycling announces their launch of Starlight roll-off software powering a whole new level of customer service and operational efficiency.

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