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Built specifically by and with waste haulers, Starlight connects you to your customer, driver, dispatcher, service, inventory, invoicing and payments, landfill and recycling centers in a complete, seamless, and integrated workflow BPM system.

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Maximize Efficiency Across All Business Lines

A Complete Business Process Management System

A Seamless Solution Across Every Waste and Recycling Line of Business

Starlight provides a seamless solution across every waste and recycling line of business. Manage your day-to-day operations simply and easily while maintaining a clear overview of your customers, inventory, work orders, and drivers. Designed and built by business owners in the industry, every element of Starlight is focused on increasing efficiency, maximizing profits, and providing a consistent pathway to scalable growth.

Transform Data into Information with Starlight Reports

Starlight leaps ahead setting the new standard in the industry for reporting.  We’ve introduced drag and drop, self-service reporting that turns your data into useful information that you can use to run your business.  Even better, we take the information about your operations and turn it into live analysis of your profitability, sliced any way you want: by route, driver, job site, disposal site, truck type, market area, or any other way you’d like to see it.

Revolutionary and Creative Mobile and Web-based Solutions

Starlight reaches your customers with revolutionary and creative mobile and web-based solutions that give you competitive advantage. It allows you to engage customers in your process, as you perform their work – changing you from just another vendor to their partner in success.

Single Customer Profiles

Regardless of which lines of business you run, Starlight lets you set up, manage, price and invoice from a single customer profile.  Map-based, live dispatch lets  you visualize the work in every category as it happens, organizing and optimizing in real time.  

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Commercial Collections

  • Verify services with date, time, and geo-stamps to document completed services and blocked stops, eliminating needless return trips for alleged missed pick-ups

  • Set system reminders when competitive contracts or your own contracts are expiring to make sure you’re securing the business you have and pursuing the business you don’t, at the right time

Residential Collections

  • Utilize Starlight’s ability to upload addresses and service sites en masse to make the set-up of new municipal contracts a snap

  • Give your customers access to their account via our web portal, allowing them to view and pay invoices, and much more

A dump truck drives on the road
A dump truck drops a roll off container


  • Live dispatch, status and inventory controls let you match your trucks and containers with the shifting, on-demand requirements of roll-off to balance your team and driver efficiency

  • No more lost revenue with detailed checks and balances in the touch-screen driver application making sure your drivers can’t miss the things you need to have billed

Portable Toilets

  • Track services by toilet and bill per service, per toilet, or per gallon for tank pumping

  • Seasonal stop service functionality lets you put services on hold when you may not want to remove equipment

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Manage the Flow of Materials

Use Starlight to track, profile, invoice and report in real time and in sync as materials flow through your facility.

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Facility Management

Starlight’s Facility Management system measures, profiles, tracks, and reports on material flows in real time. Starlight is the only facility and scale system producing live material profiling and reporting for each individual load and from each individual point of origin. This is made possible by the seamless integration between Starlight’s hauling software and facility management products.

  • Inbound and outbound materials tracking and invoicing

  • Unattended/driver assisted weight capture

  • Multi-scale and multi-facility reporting

  • Point of origin and/or facility location taxation

  • Minimum charges

  • Detailed and customizable reporting by customer, point of origin, hauler, job site, material type, destination

  • Complete billing system; customer and vehicle management, invoicing, payments, POS capabilities including credit card

Recycling Facilities

  • Materials are profiled and photographed by your team using a tablet as each truck arrives at the tipping floor. Customize your own material categories and list your own special fee items and nonconforming waste categories. Each profiled load is tied to the incoming truck and hauler, material source or job site, and the scale value for a complete record. Material summaries, listed exceptions, special items, weight or volume and photos of the load comprise the profile.

  • Customize pricing discretely for individual customers or groups of customers, individual materials, nonconforming waste, special waste or added services. Automatically generate detailed line-item invoices. Add extra services any time. Taxes and fees are automatically calculated, and line items can be added based on points of origin, material types, or both.

  • Starlight runs in the cloud in real-time, resulting in calculations, reports and summaries viewed and delivered to customers right now.

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Starlight for Municipal Reporting

Starlight’s unique reporting capability exploits the highly detailed material profiling and tracking information to deliver the best municipal and diversion reporting on the market.  Format, sort, group, analyze and export what municipalities need and then serve it up to them in real time.

A municipal building on a nice day
  • Diversion tracking splits single job sites into multiple projects or phases for granular materials reporting

  • Point of origin tracking for all materials, configurable for local municipal requirements

  • Diversion reporting includes destinations for all materials

  • Reports exist as standard formats, customized reports or exportable through Microsoft Excel

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