Starlight's Exclusive Features

Designed by haulers and recyclers, Starlight creates a single environment for your customers, drivers, dispatchers, services, inventory, invoices and payments, landfills and recycling centers. Starlight is a complete, seamless, and integrated workflow Business Process Management system.

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A Central System

Starlight connects all departments to unify business processes and share data instantly. In addition, our open API system integrates with a wide variety of hardware and software systems your business is already using.

Open Architecture

Starlight becomes the “hub of the wheel” connecting your choice of best-of-breed products for accounting, maintenance, in-cab systems, everything.  Create your unique, custom environment.

Real-Time Design Connecting Intelligent Endpoints in Your Business

Starlight connects every facet of your business acting like a central nervous system; interpreting, reacting and responding live - based on your custom metrics, thresholds, exceptions and designated margins.

Starlight Software product is displayed on a desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone

System Configuration for Your Unique Business Needs

Be the first to own your market and create a permanent connection with your customers.

Single-Point Customer and System Configuration

Settings in the Starlight system sit at multiple levels. Does your business run the same from top to bottom? Great, then utilize the system level settings. Do you serve multiple lines of business that operate differently or, have different operating districts? No problem, you can then utilize our line of business or tenant level settings. Do you have customers that span all of your offerings, Starlight allows you to have one customer profile with the flexibility to handle multiple services and billing cycles within that profile.

Starlight Software product is displayed on a desktop computer
Starlight Software product is displayed on a desktop computer

World Class Reporting

Stop paying for additional reports and waiting weeks and months to get them. Starlight provides easy, custom, drag-and-drop, self-service report design at a level of complexity that you can do intuitively in minutes.  Look at profitability, performance, benchmarks and key metrics - get just what you want, with live data, right now. Monitor and measure the live heartbeat of your business. But don’t stop there, empower your customers with portals and dashboards where they can access and manage their own data.

A Software Designed by Haulers, For Haulers

At Starlight, we are haulers and recyclers just like you. Our process is all about collaborating with our partners to solve real problems with one streamlined solution.

Starlight Software product is displayed on a mobile phone

Customer Participation in the Live Operations Process

First in the industry live customer engagement with the Starlight ERP; orders, status, updates, notifications and paperless images and documents exchange as work happens in the business operations process. Get closer to your customer with your apps on their smart phone, offer unique value, empower them with the ability to create their own real-time, self-service reporting with intuitive, drag-and-drop report design from your system for their work with you.

Designed by Haulers & Recyclers for All of Us

Every feature, function, process flow, preference setting and every report has been designed by haulers, facility operators and recyclers to meet real needs, on the ground in real business – meeting the needs we all have for solving the real business problems and growing our profits.

Trusted by Companies Large and Small

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Revolutionizing the Industry

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