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Committed to driving efficiencies and profitability

Our Story

A few years back, owner Bill Bradley left his job as a NASDAQ software CEO and purchased a 35-truck hauling company in Colorado.  Assuming that, like most industries this size, there must be modern and efficient software management solutions already existing he was very surprised to find that there were none. So to deliver operating efficiency, manage his metrics for growth and profit for himself, he designed and built the product that has become Starlight.  Within weeks of startup with the product, his company was seeing double-digit productivity gains. Realizing that inefficiencies and lost revenue were not unique to his business, he created Starlight Software Solutions with the design help, participation and close cooperation of several other owners and operators.  A true grass-roots solution that meets real operating needs on the ground was born, now serving waste haulers, recyclers and facilities across North America. 

Our Solutions

Starlight offers solutions specific to key business lines in waste and recycling: roll-off, commercial, residential, portable toilet, facility management and recycling. All solutions live on an enterprise grade cloud that provides enterprise caliber performance, anywhere access, and higher efficiencies with no hardware dependencies. We offer exclusive features like SalesPoint and our roll-off Contractor App that let you pass on greater efficiencies to your customers, allowing you to affordably increase loyalty.

Our mission is to help every hauler, recycler and facility operator achieve real-time awareness of and control over their business operations and metrics to better drive efficiencies and increase profits across all business lines. Our technology stack is built using best-in-class, enterprise grade systems. This design allows us to provide superior performance, reliability and scalability for key business processes, optimized monitoring and management of routes, drivers, inventory, and reporting of key metrics.

Who We Are

We are a team of waste, recycling and facilities experts with first-hand knowledge of the tools needed to scale businesses efficiently and profitably. Our leaders include proven entrepreneurs, business executives, and industry owners. And our customers are increasing productivity and profitability from day one.

Starlight Software Solutions is based in Denver, CO, with personnel located throughout the U.S. and internationally. For more information or to book a demo for your team, please email us at

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"We invest in leading-edge technology and proven talent across all areas of design, development, quality assurance, operations, customer support and customer success. We're ensuring that Starlight continues to be the best solution in the market for scaling growth and profits."
- Bill Bradley, CEO/Founder

The Faces of Starlight

Headshot of Bill Bradley
Bill Bradley

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Leanne Hill
Leanne Hill

Chief Operating Officer

Headshot of Mike Mackey
Mike Mackey

Chief Technology Officer

Headshot of Jeanette McMurtry
Jeanette McMurtry

Chief Marketing Officer

Headshot of Luke Walker
Luke Walker

VP Corporate Development

Headshot of SJ Anderson
SJ Anderson

Business Development Representative

Headshot of Abel Cota
Abel Cota

Product Management Specialist

Headshot of Adam Clindaniel
Adam Clindaniel

Business Development Representative

Headshot of Ryan James
Ryan James

Business Intelligence Analyst

Headshot of Derek Mondragon
Derek Mondragon

Director of Implementation/
Product Manager

Headshot of Dee Poitevin
Dee Poitevin

Implementation Specialist

Headshot of Ashley Quinn
Ashley Quinn

Customer Support Manager

Headshot of Amy Randell
Amy Randell

Accounting and Marketing Coordinator

Headshot of Elise Renteria
Elsie Renteria

IT/DevOps Engineer

Headshot of Jon Rutledge
Jon Rutledge

Director of Training

Headshot of TJ Troiano
TJ Troiano

Product Management Analyst

Headshot of Steven Truesdell
Steven Truesdell

Director of Software Development

Headshot of Jon Unruh
Jon Unruh

Implementation Specialist