April 26, 2021

Ampliroll Hooklifts and Starlight Help Power the Roll-off Industry

At Starlight, we are all about building partnerships with our customers and other experts in the industry.
Dump truck dropped off at construction site

Increase Efficiency with Ampliroll Hooklifts for Haulers

At Starlight, we are all about building partnerships with our customers and other experts in the industry. One of those partnerships is with our friends at Ampliroll, a division of Marrel Corporation. Their hooklift system enhances the day-to-day operations of our sister company 5280 Waste Solutions. 5280 Waste Solutions has trusted Ampliroll hooklifts for years. These hooklifts are more efficient, more reliable, and safer than hoists with cables and winches. The advantages of Ampliroll’s hydraulic hooklift system optimizes roll-off businesses with a reliable and safe option for hauling containers on and off of your trucks.The Starlight system creates efficiencies for your business, which in turn leads to more hauls per day. With Ampliroll’s hooklifts, 5280 Waste Solutions’ trucks are able to deliver on the increased number of hauls per day created by Starlight Software Solutions.The advantages of the hook loaders:

  • Haul more loads: Hydraulic hook loaders can load and unload quickly, switching out containers in a few minutes. Some operators can make more trips per shift with a hooklift over a cable setup.
  • Work safely: The driver controls the operation more quickly, more comfortably and more safely with a hooklift system.
  • Lift stuck containers: It is common for refuse containers to settle into construction site mud or freeze onto other surfaces after long exposure to the snow or cold rain. With double-acting rear pivots, hooklifts can break the seal, lift the load and go without delay.
  • Dump loads more easily: With a hydraulic hooklift-equipped truck, emptying full waste containers is no challenge.
  • Maneuver in tight spaces: Many hydraulic hooklift systems can attach to bodies up to 60° radius. Your drivers will offer a sigh of relief; the lineup no longer needs to be painstakingly perfect.
  • Operate with tarps: Manufacturers offer a full range of accessories and related equipment for hydraulic hook loaders.

Watch the Ampliroll hooklifts hard at work. Click here.



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