June 1, 2022

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions You Should Be Asking (Part 1)

Before selecting a software partner, you need to ask all the right questions to know who is the right fit for you.
Starlight's live map-based dispatch allows for instant changes to routes, pick ups, and customer needs.


Change orders happen every day. A customer needs a pickup earlier than planned and another customer needs a roll-off as soon as possible. If you can’t instantly transmit route and order changes to drivers, opportunities for serving customers and capturing new revenue are often lost. Having a software system that allows you to see precisely where your drivers are at any given time allows you to capitalize on opportunities and avoid losses that occur from missed pick ups, drop offs, and more.

If you cannot monitor your assets, trucks, drivers, containers in real time, and manage operations across the entire fleet in one view, its difficult to find and correct inefficiencies quickly. The only way to maximize efficiencies is to have 100% visibility of all your assets and complete, real-time control.

Being able to monitor and manage your key metrics like route and driver productivity in real time can help you increase efficiencies to the degree that you have more capital to invest in scaling your business.  When that happens you gain more customers, revenue and a strong position in your market.

Starlight's system not only allows dispatch managers to reroute drivers instantly using text and other communications, it allows for instant feedback from the road. Drivers can send photos, reports, landfill documentation and more instantly through the Starlight app to provide dispatch and office staff with the information they need to mitigate potential lost opportunities, manage unforeseen issues and get the data they need to process reports and invoices in real time.

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