December 4, 2019

Bad Software Costing You Money?

When I bought my roll-off company in 2012, the first thing I did was look for good software.
5280 Dumpster pictured at dusk

When I bought my roll-off company in 2012, the first thing I did was look for good software.

I knew the complex, on-demand nature of roll-off would create operational problems that could cap my profits and growth.

It was obvious that roll-off haulers needed real-time information to manage inventory, handle traffic and order fluctuations, and to communicate with customers and drivers.  The marketplace would favor the guy who had the best information and fastest way to communicate among the team of drivers, dispatch, customer service, and accounting….and to customers.

But I couldn’t find it.

I had to make do with Excel, and Quickbooks, 1990’s software built for commercial and residential trash, and a million phone calls.  And it cost me a lot of money in extra time spent, higher staffing and lost opportunities when I couldn’t serve and bill my customers the way they and I wanted to do.

After one year of struggling, I decided to build the right software.  I didn’t want to do it, but I figured I would earn more money than it would cost me to build it.

I was right.

Today I have 33 trucks (up from 8), and 1600 cans (up from 340).  My roll-off company, 5280 Waste Services is now the largest independent roll-off hauler in the Rocky Mountain Region.

The key is end-to-end connectivity.

I knew the only way my system could work was if it could connect in real-time all the key pieces of accurate data.  Each piece of the system works independently and shares real-time information.

For us roll-off guys, the fragmented, pieced-together solutions available today are no better than the legacy, old school commercial and residential software products of the past.

My results?  I went live in 2017 using Starlight at my own roll-off company, 5280 Waste Solutions in Denver

20% increase in hauls per truck per day

  • reduced miles per haul
  • same day orders (now 1/3 rd of activity)

100% accurate container inventory

  • by location & date available

Much better key customer retention

  • 24/7 order taking via mobile app
  • same day service

Automatic capture of incidental fees

  • wait times on site
  • overweight
  • non-conforming loads
  • contaminated loads, and more

Lower disposal costs

  • via better insight into which loads to take to closer vs. cheaper disposal sites

Win-win customer & driver behavior

  • automatic inclusion of “place can here” photos
  • photos of blocked cans
  • weight tickets in invoices
  • automatic “arrival time” text messages to customers

Happier drivers

  • balanced workloads
  • minimized overtime

My software is called Starlight.  This is roll-off done right!  You can find out about it on the Starlight website ( or by calling me (720-699-8530) or by coming to Denver to see my roll-off company using Starlight to dominate my market.



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