June 13, 2022

Can I Access My Waste Hauling Business Data Directly and Run My Own Reports? (Part 4)

Waste management software should give you access to your data in real time.
Driver hauls report by day


A major complaint among users of dumpster dispatch software is the long wait for reports from suppliers. While you’re waiting days, or weeks, to see where you can increase efficiencies, your competition with access to their own data in real time, is likely speeding ahead.

Business moves too fast to be put on hold. Every day your profitability and loss ratios can change and if you can't access your data anytime from anywhere, you can't identify losses or opportunities until its too late to adapt. To set your business up for optimum success, you need to be able to see:

- Driver productivity

- Route alternatives

- Costs for fuel, repair and maintenance per truck in operation

- Which customers are producing the most revenue

- Which customers are draining the most resources without boosting bottom line

When you can see your data in real time, at anytime, you can better manage your resources.

Ask every software supplier you are considering about your ability to access the data you need and run your own reports vs. paying them to run reports for you.

Other questions to ask:

- Can you execute reports yourself in a day or within hours?

- What data can you expect to see and analyze?

- Can you integrate reports with your current enterprise management system to create a comprehensive business intelligence dashboard you can access anytime, anywhere?

Companies that cannot enable you to access your own data, anytime, and help you analyze key metrics that impact profitability and growth might be holding your data close to the chest in order to make more profits off each individual data pull or report you request. Others might be simply too rudimentary to be able to organize, sort and share data, and run reports to show you potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Either way, you likely have the wrong software partner. A delay in your ability to monitor your key metrics and visualize your productivity is often a step forward for your competition.

Starlight’s newest generation product integrates the Exago reporting engine, which sits at the top of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. This feature allows users to drag and drop data from various sources into the reports they need, when they want them, and then copy, share or refine these reports themselves.

Accessing your own data in real-time can be the difference you need to exceed your efficiency and profitability goals this year, and beyond.

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