June 22, 2022

Can I See My Inventory Live and Execute New Dispatch Directions Instantly? (Part 5)

It happens every day. A customer needs a pickup earlier than planned and another customer needs a roll-off as soon as possible.
Roll-off inventory


In order to make changes to a driver's routes, pick up schedule, or a customers' unexpected needs, it is critical that you can see where you inventory is at any given time. This way you can see which containers are idle, where they sit on your routes, and how close that idle inventory is to a customer site that needs more service. Seeing where your drivers are at all times, and proximity to idle cans, and new job sites can enable you to make quick changes in real time that get drivers to cans and cans to customers in record time. Being able to do this sets you up to serve more and earn more.

If you can’t instantly transmit route and order changes to your drivers, that inventory sits idle and customers’ expectations go unmet.

Having a software solutions that enables you to see where your drivers and cans are, at all times, across all routes, is key to operating efficiently and taking advantage of new orders and revenue as unexpected opportunities arise. When interviewing vendors you are considering as software partners, ask about real time monitoring of inventory, drivers and routes.‍

If you can't monitor your assets, trucks, drivers, containers in real time, and you can’t manage and balance the work across the entire fleet in one view, its difficult to find and correct inefficiencies quickly. The only way to maximize efficiencies in this real-time environment is to have 100% visibility of all your assets and complete, comprehensive and live control.

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