April 5, 2022

Corporate Development Executive Joins Starlight Software Solutions

Luke will oversee customer satisfaction with Starlight's waste management software and its real-time analytics, instant reports and live dispatch.
Luke Walker

A leading software company for the waste and recycling industry, Starlight Software Solutions (Starlight) is proud to announce the addition of Luke Walker as Vice President of Corporate Development and Sales Operations.

Luke brings more than 20 years of experience launching and developing startup and early-stage companies. His accomplishments include helping secure $500 million in funding through the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utility Service to build wireless 4G networks throughout rural America. Additionally, he has held positions with telecom carriers, OEMs, property groups, and worked with various design engineering teams, focusing on rolling out new technology solutions.

At one point in his varied and successful career, he was Vice President of Delivery at SAC Wireless, a Nokia company where he was responsible for construction for T-Mobile in the Central, South, and Western regions of the US. Starlight provides robust software solutions for haulers and facility managers of solid waste and recycling materials.

Starlight improves profitability and overall business growth through live monitoring and analysis of key metrics, along with the ability to make real-time functional and operational changes that dynamically improve efficiencies. Luke’s role at Starlight is to oversee investor and customer success while expanding revenue streams and financial sustainability.

“Luke is an invaluable member of our development and executive team, already helping us better streamline our processes and work more efficiently which is precisely what our solutions do for our own customers,” said Bill Bradley, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Starlight Software Solutions. “Our company is on a strong growth trajectory, and we are excited to have Luke’s expertise to keep propelling us forward.”


The driving goal of the Starlight team is to help waste and recycling companies optimize profitability through the live monitoring of key business metrics. Starlight’s consistent Five-Star customer service, real-time analytics, instant self-report generation, online order app, and live dispatch map sets us apart from the other software products in the industry.

Starlight has been uniquely designed by an advisory council of waste and recycling company operators and owners, assuring the system delivers what matters most for improving everyday processes and eliminating waste.

Starlight Software Solutions was started in 2015 by Bill Bradley, owner of 5280 Waste Solutions, to initially serve the roll-off sector of the waste and recycling industry. Since its inception, Starlight has grown to serve businesses across the commercial, residential, recycling, portable toilet and facility management sectors. Headquartered in Denver, CO, Starlight employs several waste and recycling experts nationwide.

For more information, email jeanette.mcmurtry@starlightsoftwaresolutions.com.



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