September 2, 2020

Dispatch: How Starlight Can Create Efficiencies

Dispatch efficiency improves overall processes, which will make a noticeable difference for your team's productivity and your overall profits.
A dispatcher sits next to a computer running Starlight software.

What is Starlight Software?

Starlight Software Solutions is an integrated suite of mobile and desktop applications designed to optimize processes for the waste and transportation industries. Using real-time, end-to-end operations, live connection to customers, and complete control of assets and management of the business process, Starlight is an all-in-one solution. Our recycling and roll-off dumpster software is designed to make your operations more effective and efficient on every level.

The Importance of Exceptional Dispatch

Every waste and recycling company strives for exceptional dispatch. Dispatch efficiency improves overall processes, which will make a noticeable difference for your team's productivity and your overall profits. Dispatchers monitor and manage services across your entire market area-coordinating all your trucks and cans. The live inventory of containers helps dispatch know where every asset is, when its put into production, creating smart options to move and balance work between drivers to shorten the entire team's truck times.

How Starlight Makes Dispatch Simple

Starlight allows you to stop reacting. Instead, plan and manage resources to create greater overall fleet efficiency.

To get a behind the scenes look at the ins and outs of dispatch, we've interviewed Michele Vigil, the dispatcher at 5280 Waste Solutions.  Michele has been dispatching for 15 years and is a vital part of the 5280 team. Beginning her day at 5 am and finishing only when the jobs are done for the day, it's safe to say the show could not go on without her leadership. Michele has worked at other waste hauling companies in the past that didn't use Starlight Software. Switching to using Starlight gave her the ability to quickly strategize the best ways to get the most out of 5280 Waste Solutions' fleet. Michele successfully allows our drivers to spend less time searching for containers and back-tracking, all while decreasing fuel costs and increasing the number of hauls per day.Michele manages all 1,600 containers from her fingertips.

"With Starlight, I am able to see real-time updates and see the status of every driver, making sure they are completing their route efficiently. The ability to plan routes and see our service area as a whole is a huge advantage. I can also add trips to drivers routes with the click of a button. Having that flexibility and control makes my job 10 times easier", says Michele.

Michele goes on to say, "Starlight allows me to see the work order the driver is performing, which step of the work order the driver's are on, the size and ID of the container they are using and the full set of work ahead of them."This real-time insight allows Starlight users to plan ahead, coordinate, raise customer service expectations, and profit. The added technology of Starlight gives hauling companies the ability to make the most of their fleet, no matter the size. Same trucks, same containers - more revenue and higher profit.  It’s that simple.To learn more about Starlight visit our website.



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