June 6, 2022

Do I Have Access to Critical Business Data? (Part 2)

Answers to questions you should be asking about waste management software.
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It’s easy to get caught up managing routines, routes, equipment, billing and customer demands. We often don't have time to audit where a business is gaining or losing momentum. Waste management software that gives you quick access to critical business data lets you see where you can reduce waste and improve productivity in an instant. Real-time access allows you to track key metrics for profitability and growth.

To maintain profit margins and compete in a rapidly-changing market, you need to be able to monitor the following elements of your operations to see if you are losing or gaining productivity, efficiencies, and profitability:

  • Driver productivity - are drivers getting to and from pick up and drop off locations quickly, are they spending valuable time waiting at landfills or recycling centers
  • Route optimization - can you target new customers along our current routes to increase your daily ROI? Are there better ways from Point A to Point B that will enable you to save fuel costs and time on road?
  • Reporting - can you run and access reports yourself, at any time, to see which routes, drivers, and customers are costing you the most money? Manage accounts receivable? and more to keep your business moving in the fast lanen?

It’s important to ask software suppliers if they provide access to dynamic vs. static data and if they provide the instrumentation to take action and make instant adjustments to driver routes, pricing, billing, inventory management, and other daily activities that impact productivity and profitability.

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