June 8, 2022

Does My Waste Management Software Allow Me to Analyze Profitability Per Unit? (Part 3)

The best operational systems give you the complete picture of net performance.
Roll off dumpster being emptied for sorting


To truly help you identify where you are losing or gaining profitability, your system needs to allow you to analyze your expense information from both a macro and micro perspective. You need to be able to see data for all your business lines and units, including truck and driver operating costs, fuel, disposal, insurance, maintenance, taxes and fees, even overhead and debt service.

As you look for software systems for managing your dispatch routines, driver routes and inventory management, look for systems that allow you to access your own data, and run your own reports whenever and from wherever you need. If you have a cloud-based system, there is no limitation to your storage capacity, allowing you to include expense data for every unit, and more details like cost-per-lead per customer so you calculate macro and micro data for your business quickly.

It is also important to choose a system that allows you direct access to your data and provides the instrumentation that enables you to make instant changes to avoid losses and seize opportunities. This is where real-time access to real-time data is critical to upping your competitiveness, ability to meet customer needs, and build your profits.

Ask software suppliers if you can customize your company’s formula with your expense information in a dynamic, real-time system. If so, you can instantly compute profitability by the truck, the route, the driver, the hour, the job, the customer. The ability to do this simply and accurately is one of the guiding principles upon which Starlight Software Solutions is built. Knowing profitability down to the unit level is essential to maximizing profitability and growth.

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