November 14, 2022

Exclusive Contractor App Building Value for Roll-Off Operators

Starlight's exclusive Roll-Off Contractor App adds brand value and customer loyalty
Here is just one example of the features that adds value to your customers and brand.

Exclusive to Starlight’s roll-off suite, our Contractor App enables your customers to see and manage all the work they do with you. Our easy-to-use tool allows customers to review orders, place new orders, make changes, review invoices, pay bills and run reports in real time from their mobile device. This supercharges their productivity from the job site which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. The Contractor App for roll-off is private labeled and branded as your solution for your customers so you can create added value that sets you apart from your competitors.

The vision behind this feature, custom designed by Bill Bradley, CEO of Starlight, and owner of a 30-plus truck roll-off company, is to create the kind of customer loyalty that will last a lifetime for your business, and spark referrals from happy customers. Giving your customers a personal portal to view and manage their business operations simplifies their jobs while adding value that no competitor can deliver. Starlight private labels this app for your business, allowing you to build direct recognition for the services you offer that help you stand out in your market.

Starlight’s Contractor App is a fully customized tool that allows your customers to place live orders at all of their job sites, set up new job sites, upload pictures, pay by credit card or on account, and run reports, increasing your value to them as they experience greater efficiency and profitability. 

Watch this brief video to see this app in action.

Added values to your brand include:

- A game changing solutions branded as your unique offering for your customers.

- All company preferences and customer pricing set up in your customer Starlight profile are used, allowing customers to monitor orders, see pictures uploaded by drivers, see disposal documentation, invoices and run live material reports.

- A game-changing solution branded as your unique solution for your customers.

- All company preferences and customer pricing set up in your customers' Starlight profile are used, allowing them to monitor orders, see pictures uploaded by drivers, see disposal documentation, invoice and run live material reports.

- Free for you to distribute in unlimited quantities with your Starlight subscription, this smart phone App runs on both Android and iOS devices.

We will brand this Contractor App video for your brand which you can use for your website and marketing campaigns.

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Contractor App Video

Watch the video below about our exclusive contractor app to see how it can work for your customers and business!

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