June 29, 2022

How Should My Software Help Me Scale Growth? (Part 6)

Be sure any system you consider is easy to use across devices.
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Without the cloud as your limitless platform for operations and profitability data, you will be stuck in a Model T while your competitors are cruising by in a Tesla. This is because a cloud-based system can hold infinite amounts of data that you can retrieve and learn from at anytime.  The data points you store and analyze can provide insights on how you can change your business operations at the individual and business unit levels to expediate processes, streamlines resources, and identify opportunities and risks. Knowing where you are losing money, profiting the most, and where opportunities for higher profit margins exist is the key to scaling your business organically, and staying in the fast lane for growth despite what might be happening in your current market place.

Be sure any system you consider is easy to use across devices – computers, tablets, smart phones, Androids and iPhones. Each supplier you evaluate should offer a flexible integration framework and be committed to an open architecture approach so you can integrate applications you already use. An open architecture will set you up in the future to integrate needed peripheral systems to support ongoing growth. Some suppliers require you to only use their peripherals which can be far too limiting.

While many software programs designed for the waste management industry started on legacy platforms, most are or will soon transition to the cloud. You should ask your current supplier about their plan to transition to a cloud-based environment, and how this move will impact you. Once in the cloud, make sure your provider allows you full access to all your data and that the system will scale data in ways that support your growth goals. With cloud-based systems, you don’t need much IT equipment and can avoid many security and maintenance issues. Cloud systems allow you more time to focus your company resources on better serving existing customers and selling to new prospects.

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