January 30, 2020

Press Release: Starlight and Wingmate

Starlight Software Solutions and Wingmate, the #1-rated front line lead gen program announce today that the companies will work in partnership.
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Press Release 

Starlight and Wingmate Work Together

Leading waste hauling and recycling ERP expands to connect drivers to sales. 

DENVER, Colorado and TORONTO, Ontario February 3rd, 2020: Starlight Software Solutions, LLC the industry leader in real-time business process solutions for the waste hauling and recycling industries, and Wingmate, the #1-rated front line lead gen program & sales management technology, announce today that the companies will work in partnership to offer the Wingmate mobile lead gen platform integrated to Starlight’s Driver Mobile Application.

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Available beginning February 1st, Starlight customers will be able to multiply the value of the Starlight Driver Application by opting to add Wingmate’s mobile application that makes it simple & engaging for drivers to generate sales leads.  Starlight drivers generate sales leads and transmit them in real time to the sales staff simply by pointing the phone at the opportunity to geo-tag it, and then talking into the app to provide details.

“We run Wingmate ourselves at 5280 Waste Solutions and we’ve been very happy using it with our own drivers”, said Bill Bradley, CEO of Starlight Software Solutions, LLC and 5280 Waste Solutions.  “Wingmate has paid for itself several times over, our drivers like it because they can track and get paid for the leads they generate, and our other staff use it too.  It’s a great way to capture, organize and pursue leads on the fly, just as the team runs around the city in daily operations.”

With Starlight’s integration of Wingmate, hauling companies can start benefiting from opportunities employees identify daily in the normal course of operations and travel. People in the field see everything: new jobsites, competitive activity and locations, and they talk with customers on the street and hear about new business and service requests. This information often slips through the cracks, and when it does make it through it is rarely timely. Wingmate multiplies the opportunities and presents them instantly to your sales staff to pursue. This way, everyone on your team can track their leads and get paid for success.  

“It’s been great getting started with Bill Bradley and the Starlight team,” said Matt Leuschner, President, Wingmate.  “Wingmate was founded in 2016 to bridge the gap between sales and operations.  We’re really happy to announce that Wingmate will be offering a 15% discount from the retail price to every Starlight customer – creating even more value for Starlight customers,”  said Bill Bradley.

Matt Leuschner says “The most appreciated part of our Wingmate platform is the ease-of-use. The solution is something drivers, salespeople and manager’s can really get behind and enjoy.”  Wingmate is headquartered in Downtown Toronto, Ontario and has customers across North America.

Wingmate is the perfect addition to compliment and expand the many features of Starlight enabling higher profits through efficiency and productivity.


Starlight is the breakthrough ERP technology revolutionizing the hauling and recycling industries with real-time, end-to-end operations, live connection to customers, and complete control of assets and management of the business process.  https://starlightsoftwaresolutions.com 


Drive growth, engagement & efficiency with the world’s #1 in-field solution for lead generation, tracking and customer relationship management.  www.wingmateapp.com

For more information:

Adam Clindaniel or Rachel Revoy

Starlight Software Solutions, LLC

Phone 303.325.3616

Email adam.clindaniel@starlightsoftwaresolutions.com or rachel.revoy@starlightsoftwaresolutions.com

For more information:

Matt Leuschner

Wingmate Ltd  

Phone 888 850 7190

Email ml@wingmateapp.com



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