May 11, 2020

Press Release: Starlight SalesPoint

Starlight SalesPoint will offer a 24/7 web retail application for new and existing customers to order a dumpster online at anytime.
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Press Release

Starlight Software Solutions Introduces Starlight SalesPoint

Waste hauling software expands services with a web ordering application.

DENVER, CO: Starlight Software Solutions introduces Starlight SalesPoint, a retail web application for roll-off businesses which allows anyone to rent a dumpster at any time through an easy to navigate transaction webpage.

“With commerce shifting online for most industries, it is incredibly important for roll-off businesses to offer the option of renting a dumpster through their website. Starlight SalesPoint is simple to navigate, a pleasure to use, with 24x7 self-service access, allowing new and existing customers to rent a dumpster in a few clicks,” says Bill Bradley, owner of Starlight Software Solutions.

The features of Starlight SalesPoint allow our roll-off subscribers to customize the product so it looks and feels just like an integrated part of their existing website. Starlight SalesPoint has dynamic and detailed configuration capabilities for businesses to input their unique information such as drawing service areas and outlining map-based pricing zones, specifying container details, materials, and order terms.

Customize Starlight SalesPoint so it looks and feels like an extension of your website. You can add your logo, company description, colors, and all the necessary dumpster details.

Starlight SalesPoint is offered as a standalone product or connected to the Starlight Software Solutions suite of applications for an even higher level of scalability. As a standalone product, Starlight SalesPoint produces a bundled order form with all the necessary information for the roll-off business to deliver the dumpster. As soon as a new customer confirms the order, money goes directly to the roll-off company’s bank account and all the required information such as notes on the requested drop off location, photos the customer uploads, date and time, and customer information is captured and delivered for a seamless dumpster delivery experience.

Starlight Software Solutions offers a suite of mobile and desktop applications that work and respond together in real time to manage every aspect of a roll-off business. With the connected Starlight suite of applications, Starlight SalesPoint transfers the data from the transaction instantly and initiates a work order that Starlight automatically stages for dispatch.  Work orders are delivered to the driver that include specific instructions and pictures the customer has included in their order. Starlight then manages the delivery, pickup, disposal, work order completion, and reporting to the customer including any final billing for daily usage or overages if needed. This entire process in Starlight is paperless.

As a SalesPoint hauler, draw your individual service areas that match your markets. Set unique pricing for each area. Define it down to the individual container and even specific material level for each market area.

With the acceleration of web-based services quickly coming to dominate nearly every industry, Starlight SalesPoint offers a solution that ultimately enables more dumpster rental sales through this web ordering system. Starlight Software Solutions is focused on making businesses more efficient; and now with Starlight SalesPoint, current and future partners have the ability to grow their business.


Starlight Software Solutions is an integrated suite of mobile and enterprise applications revolutionizing the hauling and transportation industries with real-time, end-to-end operations, live connection to customers, and complete control of assets and management of the business process.  Visit



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