December 17, 2020

Starlight Benefits Haulers of All Sizes

Starlight gives haulers the ability to make the most out of their fleet without adding trucks or containers.
Starlight software on an iphone.

Whether Big or Small, We Take Care of it All

Starlight gives haulers the ability to make the most out of their fleet without adding trucks or containers. Starlight takes the guesswork out of business operations such as dispatch, inventory tracking and billing providing you with full transparency on the fly.

Every piece of Starlight connects seamlessly, from the desktop dispatch system to the app on your drivers smartphones. No more pen and paper, miscommunications, and guessing where your containers are. With Starlight, you can stop reacting and begin to plan and manage your resources in advance.

Give Commercial Customers Full Insight with the Contractor App

Create a competitive advantage in your market by providing your commercial customers with 24/7, 7-day self-service ordering, payment, tracking and reporting ability right from their smartphones.

Dispatch and Inventory

We know what’s important to haulers of any size including making the most of what you have and getting ahead of the game. We know in many cities across the continent waste hauling is a competitive business. With Starlight, you can plan and manage ahead of time for fleet efficiency and take on more hauls in a day.

You’ll also get accurate live inventory updates with GPS location precision, including a full history of use for each container. No more counting, no more guessing!

Starlight’s Driver App

The driver app allows for constant, live updates regarding work orders and gives drivers all the information they need to complete their run efficiently.The driver app also creates a seamless communication between your teams drivers and those in the office. All pieces of the software aim towards operational efficiency. Don’t take our word from it, hear real haulers like you. Click here to watch our customer testimonials.

Customer Service and Starlight’s SalesPoint Feature

Haulers, no matter the size, want to give their customers the attention they deserve. With Starlight’s SalesPoint, you can free up phone lines and get back valuable time by providing customers with the option of renting their dumpsters online. SalesPoint can be made available to you as a stand-alone product or as part of our complete Starlight system.

Customer Success with Starlight

Hear from one of our customers, MCM Disposal, who has had increased profits after implementing Starlight Software Solutions, regardless of COVID-19. Starlight Software Solutions is an integrated ERP suite of mobile, cloud and local applications that work together in real-time to streamline operations and drive efficiency and revenue creation. Designed for the transportation, waste, and environmental industries, Starlight’s live dispatch, real-time inventory control, and comprehensive network of intelligent endpoints are all tightly coupled with its custom billing system. Starlight’s unique design includes competitive customer engagement and creates full, live transparency to resources and operations so that you can always make smarter decisions while managing your business from anywhere.

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