February 22, 2021

Starlight Ensures Driver Efficiency and Safety

Every piece of Starlight connects seamlessly, from the desktop dispatch system to the app on your driver’s smartphone.
Driver uses Starlight Software on his cell phone.

End to End Connectivity

Every piece of Starlight connects seamlessly, from the desktop dispatch system to the app on your driver’s smartphone. No more pen and paper, miscommunications, and guessing where your containers are. With Starlight, you can stop reacting and begin to plan and manage your resources in advance.

Using Starlight’s Driver App to Create Fleet Efficiency

The driver app allows for constant, live updates regarding work orders and gives drivers all the information they need to complete their run efficiently.The driver app also creates a seamless communication between your drivers and those in the office. From orders to delivery, and tracking all the data along the way, it is the answer to optimal performance in driver routing. “With the driver app, everything is systematic. The drivers have to follow the flow of the dispatcher to move though the work orders. Before we had starlight, sometimes our drivers would go rogue. They didn’t do things in order so we had upset customers. We are now able to give the customer more information and the system will even text them automatically when the dumpster is on its way,” says Chad of MCM Disposal.

The newest release of the Starlight Driver App runs on both iOS and Android and is available in both English and Spanish.All pieces of the software aim towards operational efficiency. Don’t take our word from it, hear real haulers like you. Click here to watch our customer testimonials.

A Focus on Safety

Whip Around

Starlight’s integration partner Whip Around, allows haulers to stay in control of their fleet by managing driver vehicle inspection reports, tracking damage with photos and capturing accurate mileage from the mobile driver app. Users can also schedule and track usage-based maintenance tasks with automated alerts to drivers and mechanics.

Starlight customers are able to extend the value of Starlight’s Driver App by opting to add Whip Around’s comprehensive, paperless and fully DOT compliant vehicle inspection and reporting capability.  Starlight customers can now provide live data and imagery directly to their maintenance staff. This required inspection and report occur entirely within the context of the Starlight Driver Application and extend the value of Starlight by ensuring drivers comply with and document all required vehicle inspections before being allowed to perform work or log out of the application.To learn more about Starlight visit our website.



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