September 10, 2020

What Makes Starlight Unique?

Our recycling and roll-off dumpster software is designed to make your operations more effective and efficient on every level.
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Starlight Software Solutions

Made for haulers

Starlight Software Solutions is an integrated suite of mobile and enterprise applications. Our recycling and roll-off dumpster software is designed to make your operations more effective and efficient on every level. Starlight was created by waste haulers just like you, who needed help managing every aspect of their business from order placement to accurate invoicing and everything in between. Here are a few ways that we stand out in the industry.

1. Inventory Tracking

When asking a haulers about their biggest issues, many mention how hard it is to keep track of their inventory. With Starlight, THERE IS NO MORE COUNTING. Starlight keeps track of all containers in real-time, keeping track of which containers were pulled from which site so you never have to wonder how many you have left. The drivers can't continue their route without entering the information about the container. In addition, the app double checks itself in regard to the container numbers, giving you an overview of each container's history so you where it has been.

2. SalesPoint Integration

What is SalesPoint?

Starlight SalesPoint is a brand new retail web application.It works as an extension of your current website and allows customers to rent a dumpster directly from your website with just a few clicks. This self-service 24/7 always-open storefront can easily increase sales for both new and returning customers. With more and more commerce shifting online, Starlight gives your customers the ability to place an order in a few easy steps without having to talk to anyone.Starlight's customizable features include:

  • Draw service areas and outline map-based pricing zones.
  • Container sizes and prices.
  • Accepted materials.
  • Weight restrictions.
  • Company terms and conditions.
  • Upload logos, colors, and descriptions so Starlight SalesPoint looks and feels like an extension of your website

Starlight's SalesPoint is available as a standalone product, or as a fully integrated, intelligent extension of the complete Starlight system.The standalone version of SalesPoint doesn’t require that you run the Starlight service.  Add it to your website, we’ll help you configure it for your business, and then immediately begin to receive prepaid orders by email.The integrated version of SalesPoint acts as an intelligent endpoint to the powerful Starlight engine. Automatically, orders flow into Starlight’s paperless integrated system for delivery, pickup, disposal, work order completion, and reporting, including any final billing for daily usage or overages charged if needed.

3. Starlight's Partnerships

Starlight's unique ability to integrate with other cutting edge technologies for the waste and transportation industry sets us apart from other software companies.Starlight's integration partner Whip Around, allows haulers to stay in control of their fleet by managing driver vehicle inspection reports, tracking damage with photos and capturing accurate milage from the mobile driver app. Users can also schedule and track usage-based maintenance tasks with automated alerts to drivers and mechanics.

Next, we have Wingmate. The integration with Wingmate brings power to your drivers, giving them the ability to capture leads on the fly using their smartphone.

Wingmate empowers and encourages your drivers to identify and catalog every sales lead they see as they work through work orders on the Starlight Driver App. Once a driver spots a possible opportunity, they simply snap a photo, using their mobile device. The address is then geo-tagged and the voice notes provide context. Best of all, it keeps everyone in the loop with updates, rewards and real-time communication.Starlight Stands OutStarlight Software Solutions gives waste haulers an all-in-one solution to manage their businesses. To learn more about what makes us unique, watch these video testimonials from our customers.

Starlight & Greenwaste

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