July 6, 2022

What Technology Will Help Me Scale the Fastest and Most Efficiently? (Part 7)

There are three distinct technology advantages that drive scalability that you should discuss with software suppliers you are considering.
Micro services architecture


Following are three technology elements you need to explore with every software supplier you consider.

One: Micro Services Architecture

A modern, dynamic ERP system is built using best-in-industry micro services architecture which automatically scales with your growth. Amazon Web Services, Starlight’s hosting platform, is an example of a scalable infrastructure which provides infinite opportunities.

Two: Real-Time Design and Real Network Intelligent Endpoints

Your software solution is the Hub of the Wheel that motors your company forward. A properly deployed cloud-based software system has intelligent endpoints, or spokes from the hub that gather data, and process it into actionable insights you can use to assess and improve efficiency, execute and manage your entire operations and your administrative tasks. Forward-thinking software solutions will offer real-time and network intelligent endpoints that also include customers in your business’s ecosystem. Customized apps that let customers engage your company in real time are one example. Live insight into locations and the status of your assets will help you manage jobs and inventory better so you can address demand immediately.

Three: Open Systems Architecture

You should also ask about third-party integration for the hardware and software you use daily for in-cab systems, scale systems, accounting, and other business functions. It’s critical your software supplier support third-party endpoints in your network as well as integrate and support their own. That way you become the driver in your business, capitalizing on the investments you’ve already made and mixing and matching the future components that are best for your unique business.

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