August 11, 2022

What Your Roll Off Can Do in the Cloud

Why cloud management is key to sustainability now and in the future.
Starlight desktop application

Rolling your roll-off business to the cloud streamlines and scales route management, billing, invoices, and reporting, driving faster, more profitable execution. Live map-based dispatch, mobile app for contractor orders, self-serve web ordering, and payments for retail reduce overhead and increase revenue streams.

Read how the cloud changes everything for roll-off profitability.

Just like TV killed the radio show, cloud-based solutions are quickly making hardware-based management systems a thing of the past. And rightfully so. Competition in waste and recycling management, specifically in the roll-off sector, continues to skyrocket. The only wayto advance from just keeping up to rising above is to automate as many business operations as you can, and substantially reduce time needed for simple business tasks like billing, change orders, route updates, monitoring costs, and otherkey profitability metrics.


Following are some functions you can streamline and scale up using Starlight’s cloud-based software system specific for roll-off businesses. Now you can focus on getting more business and making the same set of trucks and containers turn up more revenue and more profit.

Infinite Storage Capabilities

  • Cloud-Based Servers mean no more locally hosted servers requiring management and maintenance.
  • You can have full system accessibility from anywhere through any web browser.

Real-time Management of All Operations

  • Locate and see status for each truck and driver with live map-based GPS. Monitor, direct, and route in real-time for economy and premium service.
  • Live inventory for all containers means having the right container at the right place and the right time. Highly efficient use of containers maximizes the return on investment and accelerates profitability.

Contractor and Driver Apps

  • Online mobile apps that allow contractors to place orders from a job site, check pricing and delivery, or make changes and then run reports allow real-time management that keeps your customers’ jobs moving forward and your revenue streams moving in the right direction.
  • Driver apps can allow your drivers to take photos at job sites, ensuring accurate billing and higher service levels, get route changes or directions without having to call in, and much more.  As a result, they can operate with greater efficiency and adapt on the fly to seize new opportunities or avoid wasted time.

Dynamic Reporting Engine

  • Automate in-depth reports for operations, sales, accounting, and profitability with live data.
  • Self-service reporting through drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Abilityto modify existing reports simply.
  • Ability to create and share brand new reports.
  • Simple tools for creating charts, graphs, filters, and sorting data.
  • Live and real-time Productivity/Profitability Dashboards.
  • Automation for creating, scheduling, and distributing key metric reports.

Customer Portals

  • Customer access to your website through a simple login prompt.
  • Features and functions for customer use include:
  • View orders and subscriptions
  • Add or modify service
  • Add credit cards
  • Pay invoices
  • Run statements
  • Add users
  • Run reports/dashboards

Dynamic Pricing Engine

  • Continued ability to set pricing by a general rack rate, customer group, or customer/jobsite-specific pricing.
  • Set service area pricing.
  • Bulk pricing edit
  • Increase or decrease global pricing by a percentage or a flat rate
  • Modify billable items, services, and line-item pricing
  • Apply changes to specific customer, customer groups, jobsites, specific rate groups, and by service area

Tax Districts

  • Physical locations of the tax districts will be shown on a map.
  • Tax districts can be mapped based on state, city, and county jurisdictions.
  • Apply appropriate taxes for addresses in a specific tax zone and automate inclusion for each order.

Managing a roll-off business is not a small task for 10-, 50-, or 100-truck companies.  Optimizing your business on the fly with accurate information about your trucks, drivers, customers, and equipment is not just “pie in the sky,” it’s money in your pocket.



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