October 22, 2018

BeeGreen Recycling Bin Services Coming Soon

BeeGreen Recycling announces their launch of Starlight roll-off software powering a whole new level of customer service and operational efficiency.
BeeGreen recycling truck in front of a dump site.
Industry-leading waste management software modernizes service
Starlight & BeeGreen work together to enhance the recycling industry.

Starlight customer BeeGreen Recycling announces their launch of Starlight roll-off software powering a whole new level of BeeGreen customer service and operational efficiency.

"We have purchased a new hooklift truck and several new bins to provide a debris box service to our customers. We have also implemented industry leading software to modernize our service and bring a professional, high-level service to our customers. Proudly powered by Starlight.

"The new truck, bins, and Starlight software will also improve our delivery capabilities for our landscape materials. Imagine getting a text when your bin or landscape material is on its way (with an estimate of when it will arrive!). Imagine no more! We are excited about the ways that this will connect our customers to their orders and help them to manage their jobs and schedules more efficiently."

Read the full article on BeeGreen's website

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